Yoga For Anxiety & Tiffany Rose

I have a girl crush; and her name is Tiffany Rose.  She has become such an inspiring voice of anti-establishment in Yogaland for me.  Just like everywhere else; “Yogaland” can sometimes make the square pegs not feel so good about the round holes they don’t fit into – or in my case I guess the “round” part is the issue.  When it comes to “fitting in” sometimes you have to demand it – or sometimes you have to go and take some training and create it.  I feel like this is exactly what Tiffany has done…. created a place in Yogaland for all the square pegs and round holes!  When I feel like I’m yelling into a vaccuum about yoga being accessible to all body types; I reach out to her for understanding and to get that fight tank filled back up.

As a matter of fact, it was at a Workshop for PTSD hosted by Tiffany at LacOMbe Yoga that I realized the extent of the effects of having a child diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis had had on my mental health.  She has been so gracious in navigating me through this painful process and we have had so many conversations about the tools that yoga can provide in managing.  Enter: “Yoga For Anxiety”

Tiffany is bringing her skills to Love|Yoga|Grace for a 6 week series; Mondays from 6:00 to 7:00.  And when I say skills? I mean skills! Some of her credentials are as follows: SOYA ERYT 500, TSYT, CAT Level 1, 1000 hour Yoga Therapist in Training, PTSD Yoga Educator and Facilitator at UnGuru… just to name a view.  You can read more about her here at LacOMbe Yoga’s website

My students and I have had many conversations about using a more athletic practice to manage and cope with Anxiety and/or Anxiety Disorders and given the above – inviting Tiffany to offer her expertise seemed like the obvious choice!

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