Kelly Tibbets – RYT 200 hour.
#5, 5579 47 Street
Red Deer, AB
(403) 598-6175

I have been teaching Yoga in my sweet little studio Love|Yoga|Grace since 2015 and have found my passion and it’s not just about Yoga… it’s what you find on your mat. Forgiveness, Compassion, Grace…  It’s all of the lessons that you learn twisting and breathing – that you can take into your everyday life.

Now… I’m not your text book Yogi if that’s what you’re expecting.  I’m 44, a little Curvy and my Yoga might be considered a little unconventional/anti-establishment….  I bring some serious hippy-dippy to our practice (think Universal Energy, Angels, Moon Phases and Numerology) but I’m also fascinated with the Science behind why Yoga helps heal our bodies and our minds (think breathing and mindfulness).

There are some really special things that have happened at Love|Yoga|Grace; kind of by accident….  it’s a small little space that can only accommodate 15 mats or so for those of you that are self-conscious, or feel overwhelmed in a crowd?  Perfect for you.  Because of the small space; most classes are pre-registered… so we get to know each other, you might get to know your classmates….  we really are building a community of people that are just ready to heal, grow and connect.

Questions? Email  I am totally a Yoga Nerd and never tire of talking about it so please reach out and start a conversation!