5 “Get Grounded” Yoga Pointers

Sometimes the energy of the world we live in can affect our ability to stay in our bodies; too much time in crowds, too much time with electronics, too much Social Media. Why is grounding important? Staying grounded helps you get out of your own head and ignore negative self-talk, you make better more informed decisions, it helps you feel more grounded and centred… for highly sensitive people staying grounded is extremely important and often hard to do.

Here are some tips for getting and staying grounded:

1. Practice Root Chakra stimulating Yoga poses…. Sukhasana (easy-seated, Virabhadrasana 1 & 2 (Warrior 1 & 2), Prasarita Padottasana (Wide-angled Standing Forward Bend), & Utkatasana (Chair Pose). Energetically, our sense of grounding comes from our Root Chakra and thus stimulating this Chakra with Yoga will help you get into your body.

2. Notice the ground beneath you. This can be as simple as standing still and noticing your feet on the ground. Even better? Take your socks and shoes off and go dig your toes in the grass.

3. BREATHE…..we tend to rush around throughout the day and don’t breathe very deeply… this level of breath can get you into your head and out of a grounded energy very quickly. STOP. Notice your breath. Take 5 of the deepest, slowest, most mindful inhales and exhales…. notice how you feel.

4. Be mindful in your Yoga Practice. As you flow through – notice and focus on your connection to the earth in every pose.

5. Create a daily grounding practice. Set your alarm. Decide what works best for you. You can get nicely grounded in less than 5 minutes if that’s all you have.

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