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New Year! SAME You!

I know you’re probably sitting in your jammies on New Year’s Eve …. Googling ways to un-do the over-indulgence of the holiday season; you just want to FEEL better and the only thing popping up in your newsfeed these days are all of the Diets …

Question: how many diets have you been on? Probably lost track?  And do you know why you’re thinking about a diet again? Because the weight crept back on; ergo, diets don’t work.

My love: Put down your credit card and back away from the “weight loss system” you’re about to order online…. .  Chew on this perspective first before making any decisions.

The message of “New Year. Same You” came to me while I was walking in the woods – reflecting on how much I was truly enjoying myself. Thinking about all of the marketing of “New Year. New You”… and that’s our problem…  we believe that we need to CHANGE, we believe that we need to be “New”, we let billion dollar industries shame us into buying their products and convince us that it’s our fault when their products don’t work.

During that walk in the woods I thought about how much of my entire life has been about getting to this place of not only accepting who I am but embracing it; every hippy-dippy delicious molecule of myself! Not just accepting my body but all of the facets of my personality that make me, well, ME.  The weight-loss industry counts on you not being there yet and has really effective marketing to make you believe that all your dreams come true with the use of their product…  Results will always be temporary if the integrity of our actions is to please someone else or change ourselves.

Here’s what I know for sure:

  1. Being who we were meant to be is a Universal Law. Taking care of your TOTAL health is Universal Law. Body/Mind/Soul
  2. 95% of diets, extreme fitness and New Year’s Resolutions fail….. FAIL… if you bought a vacuum and it only worked 5% of the time you would take it back and never buy it again and you certainly wouldn’t let the manufacturer convince you that it’s your fault that the vacuum didn’t work!
  3. Yoga has been the path that worked for me; not just the physical practice but the spiritual and energetic practice.

“New Year. Same You” might sound too lackluster for you right now. You want big change, big results, you want to push, you want to ask the Universe for what you want and then tell it how to make that happen…. Pushing, telling, demanding change results in wall-hitting and burn-out.

“New Year. Same You” will actually result in the most exciting things unfolding – you will feel an alignment like you have never felt before.  Synchronicities will just fall into your lap and Contentment… oh such sweet contentment…

“New Year. Same You” does not mean that you’re stuck and not moving forward. We are always changing; every second and every breath of our life we are changing.  Same you might sound static but it’s just bringing you home, to your center, to the core of who you are.  Reaching into yourself to uncover this Authenticity can get uncomfortable sometimes.  You might have some work to do to Release old patterns or gain insight how your past might affect your future.  In essence, “Same” might feel a great deal more uncomfortable than “New” from time to time – but it has better than a 5% success rate.

So… what do you do now that you’ve backed away from the 2 Shakes A Day plan? LIVE. Find ways that you enjoy moving your body that you will KEEP doing; that is sustainable.  There are so many resources online to help you plan to eat healthy and NOURISHING food. Sit quietly with yourself and ask what your SOUL wants … everyday…

We are creatures of habit and connection and love; search for the ways to find the rhythm of life that works for you to balance these elements.

I’ll leave you with the words below; and this is all that I wish for you…  that today and tomorrow you don’t just spend time making a self-improvement list – I hope you’ll sit with your lovely perfectly imperfect self and make a self-acceptance list…

“We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives… not looking for flaws, but for potential.” ~Ellen Goodman

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