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Always Do Your Best *even when your best is kind of shitty*


Hthe four agreementsave you read this book by Don Riguel Ruiz? This was my first New-Age-y kind of book that set me on the path that I am on… so for that reason, I feel a bit sentimental about it. Having said that, these Agreements stand the test of time. No matter where you’re at in your life – all of these ideas are applicable. Some more than others.

Right now I’m in the “Always Do Your Best” phase of life; accept that “my best” seems to be out of reach right now. I had a great deal of shit thrown my way over the last 6 months and my Dad’s passing, in particular, continues to weigh heavy on my heart. Areas of my life that I used to feel so enthusiastic about feel more like work than the passion they used to ignite in me.
There is a principal in yoga called “Santosha” – which essentially means “contentment” or “acceptance” – particularly acceptance of self… THIS is where I’m trying to be right now. Just okay and gentle and accepting with what IS and where I am. Content in knowing and realizing that the more I sink into my grief; the more powerful the lessons I am here to learn will be.
So, go be soft with yourself today if softness is what you need.  ACCEPT what is. And recognize that every moment of struggle, or sadness, or grief is just as temporary as every moment of bliss, or joy, or happiness.  Just Do Your Best – whatever your best may be.
Namaste <3

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