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The Consequence of Being Ourselves

My whole life I have played “safe” and by “safe” I mean I have altered my personality and behaviour based on who I was with.  It was very rare for me to be completely myself.  I even chose careers that were quite button down and lacked creativity.  I was good at this work but not much Kelly shone through.

In early 2012 I was downsized from my job as a Mortgage Associate.  The first morning of my unemployment I came across this horoscope:

On February 3rd, Neptune moves into Pisces for the next 14 years, bringing its healing touch to your professional life. Before you yawn, Neptune’s vibe is the opposite of the typical corporate “one percent” set. It’s about art, compassion, right-brained creativity—all things that are the antithesis of gray cubicles, industrial carpet and the soul-less, fluorescent-lit chambers that run on hierarchies and red tape. Between now and 2026, Neptune is sending you on a path to define your purpose, to create meaning and to make a difference through your work.
How, exactly? Well, you’ve got time to explore, but if you want to find out faster, spiritual Neptune would advise that you meditate, breathe, do yoga, or in some way get in tune with your inner voice. You already know your highest purpose, but it may be buried somewhere in your subconscious. If so, your job is to chip away at the blocks and reveal it.

I heeded the warning of how to find out my purpose fast and went to my very first yoga class that morning – with the first chant of “Om” my eyes welled up with tears and I knew I was home.  In the years after that I developed a very rich and comforting home practice as I searched everywhere for my calling and purpose.  I never considered yoga at first.

For years I have focused on my body and everything that is wrong with it.  I have over-exercised, under-ate, under-exercised, over-ate, over-cared and under-loved.  And after decades of believing that if my body just looked a certain way I would achieve happiness the sad reality set in…..  Happiness is not at the end of any diet.  Happiness is an inside job and Yoga brought me to this conclusion – but there was a problem still – my body and it’s inability to look like a “Yoga Body”. And then I realized it’s really quite simple – the last thing you need to worry about in Yoga is your body – Yoga is the path to get out of your own way.  Yoga is the path to help your soul shine through and THIS is all that matters.  Want a Yoga Body? Do Yoga.

Now I want to share this with as many women as possible – it’s time to help our souls shine through.


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