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Why practice at Love|Yoga|Grace?

This week I received a wonderful review on my Facebook Fan Page from one of my Students.  When these reviews are posted I always have a “pinch me I must be dreaming moment” – I really can’t believe what has unfolded in my life in just one short year.  This morning I was thinking about getting ready for the New Year and knowing that there are so many people still sort of stumbling around trying to recover from what a difficult year 2016 has been and felt compelled to outline why my Studio might be the right place for you to come and heal and learn a little bit more about yourself.

What sets Love|Yoga|Grace apart:

  1. I focus on and typically create classes around the Cosmic and Cultural Energy of the world and our community.  I know that sounds pretty big but honestly, when it comes right down to it when the moon is Full we ALL need a good Root Chakra balancing practice. I genuinely enjoy finding just the right music and poses and writing meditations that will resonate with as many of my Students as possible;
  2. My studio is small; we can only squeeze 8 to 10 mats into this space so there is room for you to ask questions.  Feel safe and comfortable.  I can offer individual attention when it’s necessary.
  3. Classes are pre-registered; because of the size of my studio I must set limits on how many can register for classes.  What this creates is a wonderful sense of community.  I get to know your name and a little bit (or a lot, lol) about you.  You get to know your classmates and become comfortable learning and practicing with them. We have meaningful discussions and laugh (it’s just Yoga… we don’t have be so serious all the time) And because you have paid the money it adds an element of commitment to getting to Yoga once or twice per week.
  4. Body positive and making Yoga feel accessible is essential to me. I’m a Curvy Gal so I’m going to cue modifications for breasts and bellies.  More importantly, I want Yoga to feel accessible to everyone; whenever possible I try to provide modifications for every student and encourage the use of props to keep your body safe from injury.

I guess I could go on and on; not to brag, it’s just be cause I am so darn proud of what has kind of accidentally been created.  It’s not just me. I might have been the facilitator of this magic but honestly, it’s mostly the beautiful souls who show up every week; vulnerable, curious, and willing to dig deep but also accept where they are at.  We laugh, we cry, we share… thank you to those who contribute to what makes Love|Yoga|Grace such a safe and loving environment. Namaste.

***Disclaimer: None of what I have written is intended to negate the amazing other Yoga Studios in our City and surrounding areas.  Actually, I think it’s pretty incredible how much accessibility to choice we have in our community.  I have been to places where you think there would be Yoga Studios on every corner (like Hawaii) and had trouble finding something for me.  This post was intended to let you know what I offer and how it’s different and might work better for you.***

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