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What’s Happenin’ At Love|Yoga|Grace

find-out-whats-happeningSo many wonderful things coming to our sweet little space during the last week of September and into October.  Special classes, special Events and Amazing days are coming.

Of course, you can find the schedule for my classes here.  All of these classes are 80% full for October so please send me a message to register ASAP.

But wait… there’s more….

Chakradance – Dance of Mother Earth

First up; this Tuesday is Chakradance – Journey through the Base Chakra.  Facilitated by Michelle Brink of Elements Energy.  I have had the amazing privilege of practicing this beautiful movement with Michelle and I’m not really a “Chakradance” kinda gal… or any dance for that matter – unless I’m drunk – and since I don’t really drink anymore… this trepidation is not about my dancing abilities so much as painful self-consciousness (see, I’m not all the way there in my security) So, let me put that concern to rest for you -every participant creates a “circle of safety” using fabric that keeps you in one spot, and then you all wear blindfolds.  The music played is intensely tribal, with Chakra awakening frequencies… the experience feels like an ancient “I Am Woman” ritual.  If “trying new things” or “feel the fear and do it anyway” was an intention for your 2016; this is for you!  Find the Event here on Facebook or book your tickets through Eventbrite here.

Blissful Balance Day of Healing

Belem is back baby! Please note that this day of healing is open to every single Love|Yoga|Grace student, your friends and family …. even if you have been to Belem before.  So please feel free to share the Event with EVERYONE you know… these days fill quickly so you will want to act fast to schedule your appointment.

So… that doozy of a Mercury Retrograde is over… Did you Release all that you needed to? My experience has been even when we do the mental/meditative work – our bodies and our minds need a little help to heal and re-connect. Enter Blissful Balance – Yoga & Massage Therapy – Red Deer. Belem is magical people, MAGICAL. I would tell you about what went down in my treatment yesterday but you wouldn’t even believe me! Do yourself a favour – and don’t let all of the hardwork you are doing healing your heart go to waste!  The Event on Facebook is here with all you need to know to contact Belem.

Pre-Natal Yoga

The fabulously gentle, Vanessa Gilbertson is offering pre-natal Yoga in October!  The sessions will be on Thursdays from 6 to 7.  Please email Vanessa at for more details and here’s link to register.

I’m so grateful to the practitoners that make use of this space in such safe and loving manners.  If you are looking to rent a space for 8 to 10 participants, please text me at (403) 598-6175.

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