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The “Root”Of Our Fears

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, this weekend probably carried with it some tough times.  The Cosmic Energy is all about facing fears, overcoming fears and finding peace – getting grounded.  The difficult and confusing part about fears sometimes is how much can be related to past lives or generational inheritance; so what’s a gal to do?  Focus on your Root Chakra.

The base of it all; your Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and includes your pelvic floor and first 3 vertebrae.  It is the most physical of the Chakras; the most primal.  It is where “instinct” and “survival” are the most affected.  I consider it the most “animalistic” or “primal” of our Chakras – it’s no surprise that the Element for this Chakra is “Earth”.

Keeping this Chakra balanced can be as simple as engaging in activities that make you more aware of your body; martial arts, walking (particularly outdoors), yoga, Taichi, it all helps.

All of the Chakras are important and connected. However, stimulating and clearing your Root Chakra first is paramount before moving on to your other Chakras.  This can be tricky as often times the Root Chakra holds the memories or our ancestors…  I believe this is where you will come across unexplained fears or issues; fear of water, or fire, heights… these fears could simply be energies of our ancestors or past lives and their struggles and successes.  When this Chakra is balanced you are able to act courageously and make good decisions during difficult times.  Since our Root Chakra contains ancestral and past life memories pretty much everyone experiences challenges with Muladhara and considering that history includes war, famine, and natural disaster some of us have more difficult memories to overcome.

These generational patterns are imprinted on your subtle body and passed from lifetime to lifetime.  So, finding total peace within this Chakra might include a past life regression.

Here are some simple but effective ways to help support your Root Chakra:

  1. Get outside and love on Mother Nature.  Do something specific to support mother nature; recycle, pick up some garbage, clean up your yard;
  2. Eat earthy, wholesome food.   Eat mindfully and intentionally. Signal to your body that you are taking extra care.
  3. Create some routine in your life. Even if you are very busy – insist on some non-negotiable self-care like a 20 minute walk, meditation or bedtime routine.  Also, try to minimize clutter and maintain some organization in your home.
  4. Find a Root Chakra meditation that resonates with you; “I am safe”, “The Universe provides me with all of the abundance I require”, “I trust that everything is going to work out fine”.
  5. Find things that remind you to focus on this Chakra, hang a forest picture at your desk, diffuse earthy oils (cedar, patchouli, clove).
  6. Realize that you are here to live your soul purpose; there is nothing to fear.  ROOT yourself in this certainty and meditate on creating this depth in your life.

The good news? You have the power to become conscious of these patterns and overcome the blockages that hold you back.  Life becomes much lighter when you are not carrying the weight of a life that’s not even your own!


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