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Central Alberta Women’s Recovery Conference

I am so honoured to have  been asked to participate in this first of it’s kind Conference in Red Deer on September 16, 17 & 18! Click here to Register!

When I was first asked to present a portion of my Yoga & Body Image Workshop I didn’t completely understand how this played into the “Recovery” world – since that time back in May I have learned so much.  The big lesson? We’re all in recovery my dears.  Life – IS Recovery.

Unfortunately, our Culture simply does not make room for people to falter, slip or break a little (or a lot).  Women, in particular, are held to completely unreasonable standards of beauty, professional achievement, and parenthood.  So, what do we do? We numb.  We find one little thing that makes us forget that we feel like we are never going to be Enough and we use it and abuse it.

This past year I have learned so clearly that my message, purpose and mission in life is to teach Women that we have been raised to focus on the wrong shit and we are literally drowning in our perceived imperfections.  What if we woke up tomorrow and decided that we were worthy of Love, Connection and following our dreams?  What if we woke up tomorrow and we realized that our bodies/flaws/pasts had nothing to do with our Purpose or our future?

How do we make this happen? We create a sub-culture of Women who are ready to say “Enough”!  A sub-culture of Women that are ready to lift others as they climb.  A sub-culture of Women prepared to share their vulnerable hearts and say “Me too, I’ve been there, I understand and there’s a better way”.

The Organizers of the Central Alberta Women’s Recovery Conference are doing just that!  Having gone to rehab or working a 12 step program is not necessary – wanting something different to cope with life and the tools to do it is.

The entire weekend (that is ONLY $125.00 by the way!!) Includes but is not limited to:

  • Inspiring Speakers
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Workshops & Break-out Sessions (Including a 90 minute version of my Body Image & Yoga Workshop)
  • Holistic approaches to Recovery (Essential Oils, Tea, Nutrition…); and
  • So Much MORE for ONLY $125.00!!


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