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3 Things You Should Know About Falling In Love With Yoga

I know when you first start Yoga it’s kind of confusing to understand how twisting your body around on 12 square feet can be so transformational…. sometimes I still marvel at this fact… it will leave you mystified that’s for sure.

So many new students started this week and I love now when I can see it; when people sit up from Savasana and we make eye contact – I can identify the people who have just been hooked.  And watching people fall in love with Yoga is one of my most favourite things in the whole world.

I remember so clearly when I really, REALLY fell in love with Yoga – when I realized what it could do for my life and I stumbled a little here and there and these are things I wish I had known:

  1.  You May Never Stand On Your Head:  It’s our very Western Culture that makes us want to “go big or go home” when we begin a new endeavour.  I encourage you to set Yoga goals and dream of achieving certain poses but here is where one of the first lessons of Yoga presents itself and this is ACCEPTANCE… This is one of those mystifying lessons of Yoga; learning to accept what is on your Mat is a muscle and you will be fascinated by how you can start to learn to accept what is off of your mat.
  2. Your Breath Can Heal:  The ancient Yogis believed that all we needed to heal our bodies was to control our breath and for a really long time this was considered “Woo-woo” …. but science is catching up and validating what this ancient culture has known all along.  I suggest starting with Durga Breath (full Yogic-Breath); which is simply put, focusing on filling and emptying your lungs from top to bottom.  Set aside a small amount of time everyday to breathe; set a timer for 3 minutes to start, inhale through your nose visualizing the breath filling the bottom of your lungs, the middle and then the top, exhale through your nose visualizing the breath leaving the bottom of your lungs, the middle and then the top.
  3. Don’t Let Your Ego On Your Mat: This will likely be the hardest thing you ever learn in Yoga.  Egos get really scared when you find Yoga – they can smell their demise so they will pull out all the stops.  Egos like to compare you to others, judge your body, judge your ability…My Mantra for the first 2 years of my practice was “It Is What It Is”…  Enjoy being a beginner – the process of learning, diving deeper – when was the last time you learned something new?  Egos don’t like not knowing things….  Eager Souls do.

I am so excited for those of you just Discovering Yoga…  You are about to learn who you really are and what you are really capable of.  To those of you practicing at my Studio; THANK YOU for the opportunity to be a part of this Adventure.


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