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Student Of The Month

When I hung out my shingle nearly one year ago Alison was one of my very first students.  First? I was so grateful that someone was willing to give me a try. Second? It’s been a pleasure to watch this Woman’s practice grow and to see the changes in her energy.  She’s a very busy Mama of 3 children, works part-time as an Accountant and Volunteers her time for organizations in our Community.  She’s kind of amazing.

I wanted to start featuring my students because they are really what makes my space what it is.  I want people that are maybe not sure about my Studio to see other Women practicing Yoga – maybe with a body you identify with or maybe with an affliction like anxiety….  Maybe you think you can’t fit your self care into your busy family life; but you can – and you should.

Alison first came to Yoga when she was pregnant with her 3rd and youngest child.  She had struggled with mobility and Energy in her first 2 pregnancies and having two little boys to run after was just the motivation she needed to at least give Yoga a shot to see if it helped.  It did.

She went on to learn that Yoga not only increased her flexibility but the pain she experienced with Sciatica reduced dramatically – as did overall body aches and pains.  All of this in itself was wonderful but the what surprised her the most was just how much Yoga affected her overall mental well being;

“I started Yoga for the physical benefits. But I have always struggled with anxiety.  Yoga helps me to quiet my mind and ground me. Actually, it helps me a great deal.”

Given her busy homelife, Alison struggles to create a practice at home. So she practices at Love|Yoga|Grace as much as she can.  She says it’s her “Happy Place”.

We talk a great deal about Yoga and Body Image in my Studio… it’s an important topic to me as I don’t want any of my students to let how they feel about their bodies stop them from hitting their mats.  I also want to help people realize how Yoga can heal struggles with Body Image.  Alison has realized this too; that although her body might not be “perfect” or look like it once did… it still is capable of amazing things.  She even admits that some of her Yoga accomplishments have been quite surprising!  A perfectly balanced Crow is on her list of next amazing things her body will surprise her with and now she knows that one day it will happen.

I asked Alison what she would say to someone thinking about starting a Yoga practice or who has tried Yoga before and their experience wasn’t quite what they were expecting:

“The atmosphere in the studio is relaxed and welcoming. I never feel uncomfortable or like I don’t fit in. Kelly has helped me to push myself and expand my practice far beyond what I thought I could ever do!

I struggled to find a place where I felt that I ‘fit’ after having my baby in 2012. I did some home practice, and practiced sporadically in some local studios – but once I found Love|Yoga|Grace I felt like I was home.”

And that just makes my heart burst with pride.




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