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Remember The Light

A common sacred symbol that appears to me during meditations is the Lotus Flower… it’s strange the way it appears – before I started meditating it had no great meaning to me – in fact, I knew nothing about it really. Now, for me, the symbolism is so special to me but even I still forget from time to time.

In Buddhism and Hinduism the Lotus Flower represents many things, including, but not limited to grace, purity and spiritual awakening. What appeals to me and to most is the fact that the lotus flower is born from the murkiest and muddiest waters – it works hard to take root and despite the less than appealing conditions for growth – it BLOOMS.

It’s no wonder that this appeals to humans.  The human experience is hard; loss, abuse, struggle, muddy water…  but still so many of us find the courage to take our mucky lives and create something beautiful and inspired.  The problem for me lately has been focusing on the shit in my water…

I have been in a great deal of pain lately; physical pain.  It has been frustrating for the obvious reasons of how distracting and discouraging constant pain can be.  This frustration has been magnified by the fact that spiritually I have never felt more grounded and at peace.  So, I have been fighting my body, angry with my body, so discouraged by this pain.

Yesterday I went for a treatment (massage, craniosacral, Reiki) – it was rough, my body was rough, everything was STUCK. Afterwards I had a bit of a breakdown; I proceeded to cry for a good 3 hours afterwards; I would not have guessed that emotional pain was so deeply connected to what was going on with my body – it was. There were many realizations that I had about what was going on – some I wish to keep safe in my heart for just me but this one I must share.  I have been so rammy about this pain in my body; begging and pleading for the shit to get out that I lost track of all of the good and my treatment provider helped me realize this. We must remember the good.  On the journey to spiritual awareness we talk about “let that shit go”, Forgiveness, Releasing Anger….  we rarely take the time to focus on what feels GOOD. What goodness is left behind in our bodies, minds and souls that feels exquisite – and that’s the point right?  That’s what we want.  This awakening that leads us to Joy and Bliss – but we get so busy clearing out what’s blocking us that poor Joy and Bliss are left standing in the corner like “Ummmm…. I thought you wanted us… but maybe not?” and we risk them slowly slipping away.  This vibration of “clearing out the shit” might start only sending the energy that we just want to keep receiving shit to clear out….  And thus this is what I have been doing.

So – my homework for the weekend and you sure can play along too if you would like – is to focus on what feels GOOD in my body.  Rest, play, meditate; these are my prescriptions.  I’m going to focus on JOY and BLISS and I suspect that my physical pain will lessen.

So yes, celebrating how you were able to BLOOM despite growing in shitty waters is important, it’s important because that IS a big deal.  However, letting the shitty water just be what it is – is crucial too.  The shitty water is in the past; it helped you take root, it provided the nourishment and life lessons you needed to finally unfurl your pretty flower petals and now it’s time to celebrate the beauty of the blossom.  Don’t forget – the LIGHT is the final ingredient that encourages the flower to bloom.

“It is the light that urges the flower to open it's heart to the world”

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