Referral & Wellness Challenge


Since the beginning of December (and our second business closure) we have been bringing rich Yoga programming using the Mantra “We Bend So We Don’t Break”…  We’re pretty confident throwing these words around as we have just endured our THIRD closure in one year.  We have bent this way and that but we have certainly NOT broke!

Every year we have a Referral Challenge at the Studio. It gives our students an opportunity to share our community with their friends and family, dive deeper into their Yoga practice and WIN a great prize.  As we were contemplating the logistics of hosting this Challenge exclusively Online we started having conversations about the noise of the the Diet & Exercise Industry; mostly the predatory products that create shame & stigma around how we feel about our bodies and like weight loss is the only pathway to health & happiness. The fact that this industry is so corrupt that it would capitalize on folks at a time like this? Not surprised – but still frustrated.

Diets don’t work.
Full stop.
Diets work even less when you have just experienced an entire 12 months of chronic stress and indefinite uncertainty. Like, we are physiologically designed to hold fat on our bodies during times of duress to SURVIVE!
Not taking care of yourself doesn’t work.
Full stop.
All of us at Love|Yoga|Grace have been in different boats of this storm; but we have all had lengthy conversations about how ready we are to get more committed to our wellness practices. ALL of our wellness practice. Movement, Exercise, Thoughtful food choices, Meditation, Community, Connection, Accountability … and the chance to win a Grand Prize that is currently at about $1,100.00 and GROWING!
Here is EVERYTHING that’s included:
* UNLIMITED YOGA (Zoom & Prerecorded)
* Workshops and Classes (think, learn to run!!  and other outdoor fitness opportunities)
* Body Positive – Health At Every Size Content and thought prompts
* Access to our Community Group on Facebook
* Weekly nutrition & thoughtful food preparation tips
* Accountability and Self-responsibility Strategies
* Mindfulness & Meditation
* Healthy Competition & Fun Connection
* Opportunity to support out Local Businesses hard hit this year!
ONLY $175.00 + gst

Head to our App on MomoYoga to snag your pass!


should the Studio re-open to in-person, you will be able to access in-person classes with this pass!  Don’t worry, ZOOM Classes are here to stay!









Our Unlimited Passes come with an App to help you commit to a regular Yoga practice.  Subscribe for the Pass that best suits your needs, install the App and book your classes or the next 3 to 6 months.  You even get an email reminder the day before the class to support your Yoga goals.

Unlimited Pass 6 month subscription for ONLY $88.00 per month!

Unlimited Pass 3 months subscription for $99.00 per month!

Unlimited Monthly Pass for $108.00

Come as much as you would like with Unlimited Passes!  The more you come the more you save!

Once A Week Class Pass

This pass is good for 4 classes in one month.  They can be any drop-in class on the schedule.  You can use all 4 passes however you wish.  $65.00 per month with GST.

Drop-in Rate

Drop-in once on any class you choose.  This is a great way to see if our Studio is a good fit for you.  $20.00 per class.

8 Sessions In 3 Months

Perfect option for those with unpredictable schedules or that work out of town.  This pass can be used on any drop-in class.  .  You must reserve your classes on the MomoYoga App to keep track of pass use.  You have 2 hours before a class to cancel without losing that credit.  $142.80 with GST (expires 3 months after purchase date)