Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Do I have to pre-register? It depends on which class you want to take.  Some classes are pre-registered and sell-out (Curvy Basics, for instance) and so, if it’s a class you REALLY want to take you should pre-register OR sign-up for an Unlimited Pass.
  2. What’s included with an Unlimited Pass? The short answer is; EVERYTHING. Most of the classes (with a few exceptions) are eligible to Unlimited Pass Holders.  In some instances (Bells & Bolsters, for instance) there may be a small fee charged for Unlimited Pass Holders.  Special Events will often offer an Unlimited Pass Holder discount.
  3. It’s my first Yoga class, what should I wear and what should I bring?  Ideally, you will wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in.  Dress in layers as your body temperature can change a lot during a yoga class.  Barefeet is preferable but if you feel more comfortable wearing socks, you certainly can (maybe get the ones with grips on the bottom).  Bring a yoga mat if you have one.  If you don’t, you can borrow one from us.  You’ll be happy that you brought a water bottle and your own cozy blanket.  For your first class, please leave some extra time to find us and parking, so that you can complete a waiver.
  4. Where are you located? #5, 5579 47th Street.  We are west of carnival cinemas, in the area formerly known as Cronquist Business Centre.  We are near other businesses like Pure Earth Organics, Wild Brewing and Pursuit Adventures.