What We Do/Class Descriptions

What has happened, quite by accident, is a Yoga Community where people feel like they can just enjoy the beauty of the movement and stillness of Yoga without any conditions attached. No need to have a certain body type or size, fancy yoga pants, or be vegan, or even immerse yourself in “Yoga Lifestyle”… you can be YOU and make your Yoga practice your OWN.

We are a wee bit different at Love|Yoga|Grace. Class sizes are very small (maximum 15 people) but the community we are creating is BIG! Please private message us or text us at (403) 598-6175 if you have any questions at all.

Most classes are drop-in, although due to the small class sizes we do recommend checking to see if there is room in the class you wish to attend. Some classes are high demand and as such they require pre-registration.  Reach out to find out which option works best for YOU!

*Class Descriptions

Courage & Calm

Light & Dark, Push & Pull…. Yin & Yang… every action requires an equal and opposite reaction. Given our very busy and stimulating lives an opportunity to balance our bodies and nervous systems, this class will introduce any level of practitioner to the understanding that our bodies need dynamic movement (Yang) but also to slow down to replenish and allow for deep rest (Yin).

Starting with an energetic and strengthening series (Yang). Getting the body and energy moving, as we begin to wring out all the stresses of the work day, both physically and mentally. This standing series will include the same poses in every practice and it gives the practitioner the opportunity to notice growth of practice and honour where they are at. This series contains no downdog facing dog or flow – making it an excellent option for those with upper body injuries or mobility issues (getting up and down off the floor for example).

The second half of our class is a wonderfully nourishing, releasing and restorative Yin Yoga practice. Mindful long held floor based stretches targeting the deep connective tissue, ligaments and fascia of the body; increasing our flexibility, rebalancing our energy, whilst allowing for the mind and nervous system to settle down deeply into a calming meditative state.

The result? A sense of balance, a deep feeling of release and “letting go” of tension carried and stored in our bodies and minds. A sense of being in harmony and naturally energized.

This class will benefit both a beginner and advanced practitioner as the practice is truly for everyone!

Instructor: Tammy Madsen

Yoga For Dad Bods:

Have all the years of wearing work boots, working long hours, standing on ladders or swinging a hammer caught up to you? Do you have the injuries to prove it? Has Yoga been recommended by your chiro, personal trainer or Doctor but you just didn’t know where to go?In a business dominated by Women it can be intimidating for Men to enter a Yoga Studio. Men are looking for the physical benefits of Yoga and are not too interested in the “Woo-woo/Ju-Ju” of it all.
Our teacher, Michelle Brink has worked with SWAT Teams to help them manage anxiety and loss of breath in their gear, so naturally, she seemed like the perfect bad-ass to introduce the benefits of Yoga to Men.
Class sizes will be limited to 12 Men only. Instruction will be approachable and sensitive to injury recovery. You might accidentally catch some Yoga “Ju-Ju” but we promise it’s not contagious 😉  6 week series $90.00

Instructor: Michelle Brink

Yoga 101: 

Start with me here.  Ideal for those who have never stood on a mat and might feel a little nervous.  This class would work for you if you’re just starting out and would like to continue to be mindful of alignment and enjoy learning in a safe, compassionate environment. $90.00/month (6 classes) Instructor: Kelly TibbetsCurvy Basics: Living in a larger body?Sometimes it seems like Yoga isn’t made for you but I promise Yoga is for everyBODY! Safe, judgment free space to explore Yoga with CURVES. This class is ideal for those who have never stood on a mat and might feel a little/a lot nervous. This class would also be ideal for a plus sized person that is looking for more information on how to modify Yoga poses to work for YOUR BODY. $90.00 + GST (6 classes) Instructor: Kelly Tibbets

Rockstar Hatha:  This series of 26 Hatha Yoga asanas (postures) and 2 breathing exercises is sure to turn you into a Yoga Rockstar! Each posture stretches, strengthens and prepares the body for the next to maximise oxygenation and detoxification; all together they work every part of the body. The Rockstar part is the benefits that come from practising the same movements in every class ~ you are able to see how your body changes over time and learn to accept where you are at. Our bodies and our practices are ever changing – despite the fact the series stays the same you WILL learn something new in every class! Also? If you’re not a fan of downdog or vinyasa; you’ll be happy to learn that these poses are not included in the series! Class is suitable for all levels. Instructor: Tammy Madsen

Hatha Growth:  The next phase after Yoga Basics. The perfect balance of Meditation, Flexibility, Strength and Relaxation.  Excellent for Moderate Beginners or a Practitioner that enjoys a slow, mindful practice. Instructor: Kelly Tibbets

Hatha SOUL:  “Ha” meaning sun, “Tha” meaning moon. This class is intended to gently warm your body with a slow-flow.  Slow flow is a meditative process that offers mindful movements that are linked with the breath. Long, strong, poses that focus on holding postures and strengthening your muscles.  Elements of pranayama (breath), chakra alignment and meditation to nourish your SOUL.

Instructor: Kelly Tibbets

Lunchtime Hatha:  Take a break from your hectic work and join me on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays over your lunch hour.  We get grounded, we flow, we strengthen and then we RELAX to get through the rest of the week.  Instructor: Kelly Tibbets

Calm AF Fridays: Start your weekends off right!  Half Hatha flow, Half Restorative/Yin, ALL grounding and relaxing.  This class is 60 minutes and $90.00 for the month (6 classes) Instructor: Kelly Tibbets

Easy Like Sunday Morning: This Yin/Yang Yoga class provides you with a practice that starts out with an energizing and uplifting Hatha Flow & evolves into deep, introspective, and quiet yoga that sets you on your way for a beautiful Sunday!Suitable for all levels – Sunday mornings at 10:00 am to 11:15 am. Investment $65.00. Instructor: TBD