Deciding that I want something and getting it are not new to me – I have always been great at achieving goals.  I wanted to become a Legal Assistant; registered for College, completed the 2 year diploma and voila! I was a Legal Assistant for 10 years.  When this path ended – I figured Mortgage Associate was a good choice; registered for this program, took the course and voila! Mortgage Associate for 5 years.  The problem with these goals? They had no SOUL.  I forgot to find things that really made me passionate!

In January of 2012, I was downsized from my career as a Mortgage Associate.  The DAY AFTER,  I just happened to stumble across the following horoscope:

On February 3rd, Neptune moves into Pisces for the next 14 years, bringing its healing touch to your professional life. Before you yawn, Neptune’s vibe is the opposite of the typical corporate “one percent” set. It’s about art, compassion, right-brained creativity—all things that are the antithesis of gray cubicles, industrial carpet and the soul-less, fluorescent-lit chambers that run on hierarchies and red tape. Between now and 2026, Neptune is sending you on a path to define your purpose, to create meaning and to make a difference through your work.
How, exactly? Well, you’ve got time to explore, but if you want to find out faster, spiritual Neptune would advise that you meditate, breathe, do yoga, or in some way get in tune with your inner voice. You already know your highest purpose, but it may be buried somewhere in your subconscious. If so, your job is to chip away at the blocks and reveal it.

So, how did I translate this? It was time to FINALLY be me! Time to finally follow my heart and my passions. I have always been a bit of a hippy/dippy/witch woman…. I LOVE astrology, and anything metaphysical, I totally believe in reincarnation and soul mates, I draw Angel cards everyday and use a pendulum to help keep energy in check. I enjoy learning about the power of stones and crystals and how they can enrich your life, I have become powerfully in tune with my own empathy and intuition. Anyway, that very day I attended my first yoga class – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Yoga has healed so much for me and I want to do the same for others.  In July of 2015 I completed my  SOYA 200 hour  – Registered Yoga Teacher training and quickly learned that the more I learned the more I would need to know! There is so much to learn!

Yoga is…. so much more than Asana (the postures), it is the deepest commitment to self-care and self-realization. It is intriguing; with it’s ancient knowledge and connection to the Divine. For me, it is the Ultimate path to health – body, mind and soul.

If you have been thinking that yoga might be for you, please reach out to me! Click on the schedule to see what we offer.

We are located at:

#5, 5579 47th Street

Red Deer, AB

Phone or Text me at (403) 598-6175

Email me at :

Namaste <3

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