5 “Get Grounded” Yoga Pointers

Sometimes the energy of the world we live in can affect our ability to stay in our bodies; too much time in crowds, too much time with electronics, too much Social Media. Why is grounding important? Staying grounded helps you get out of your own head and ignore negative self-talk, you make better more informed… Continue reading 5 “Get Grounded” Yoga Pointers


Summer Camps at the NEW LOCATION!

Since I began this business 2 years ago I have wanted to incorporate bringing Yoga into our children’s lives. Of course, I offer Yoga to my own children and see the benefits in action everyday; regulating behaviour, compassion, self-awareness, faith, and help falling asleep. Enter: Rainbow-Unicorn Yoga Mini-Camp (for girls ages 8 to 12) –… Continue reading Summer Camps at the NEW LOCATION!

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Why practice at Love|Yoga|Grace?

This week I received a wonderful review on my Facebook Fan Page from one of my Students.  When these reviews are posted I always have a “pinch me I must be dreaming moment” – I really can’t believe what has unfolded in my life in just one short year.  This morning I was thinking about… Continue reading Why practice at Love|Yoga|Grace?